It might be more important now than ever in our generation to collectively keep focus, calm the mind, be aware of what's happening and what feelings these happenings cause in the body in order to cope with anxiety, not getting lost in facts that might be opinions and get out of a paralised state – make right choices and get creative from there.


Mindfulness refers to a particular way of paying attention to our present experience with a curious and non-judgmental attitude towards everything that we may experience.

And what is it that we are able to experience? We experience what our 5 senses allow us to perceive and what our thinking processes manifest.

This includes physical sensations, feelings and thoughts. The more we practice mindfulness, the more we can discover and understand how things work with us & the world around us as well.


Meditation (e.g. mindful breathing) as a formal way of practicing mindfulness provides accsess through the physical body within sensation, bringing mind and body closer together. A training routine in mindfulness has various scientifically proofed positive effects on the fitness of the brain, focus and health.

Stimulating the sense of hearing with a relaxing sound can help. Meditating in silence vs. meditating with music is a matter of personal preference – whatever brings your mind in a calm and steady state.


Go for it: put on your choice of music / sound, make yourself comfortable in a lying or sitting position with awareness and just observe your breathing. Follow the breath floating through your body including all sensations this causes, like a child watching something for the first time in life. Doing this you practice keeping focus using your breath as a tool to stay clear minded as possible.

If thoughts come up, simply acknowledge them and let them go without repairing in them, put the thoughts in an imaginary bubble if you want, but don't stick to it, let it go and come back to your breathing observation. Try it out and decide for yourself if the music helps you staying focused or you prefer silence. 

Article by Sammy Wrede PhD student Universität Witten/Herdecke

Article written by SAMMY WREDE, PHd student from the Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany


Meditation is a state of Mind that can be induced in many different ways, and it has many proven benefits like the above mentioned. For those of us that prefer to do it with music, here are some recommendations on what to listen to & how to get to that state of mind, based on our personal experience: 

  • Make or Choose a musical selection to which you don't have many or any associated memories
  • Look for music that you can calmly listen to, some of the recommended genres are Dub Techno, Deep Techno, Progressive House, Ambience & Electronica
  • Avoid tracks with vocals, since they normally tend to direct your mind in a particular direction (If you like to be guided through vocals is entirely up to you)
  • Try to set the volume at a point in which it won't be too loud to concentrate neither to low to hear 
  • Focus on your breathing & nothing else, the music will help you create a particular atmosphere
  • Pay attention to what your body does and how it feels, without the need of analysing it
  • Leave all thoughts behind and try to be there and now
  • Relax & Enjoy the process!

Meditation is not something to be mastered on a single attempt, is more of routine that is built through time and requires discipline & will, key values to achieve your life goals.




This Album by Jon Hopkins, can for some, at it's best represent a Trip to Space, we highly recommend it for those of you who look for an immersive experience while meditating

here is a link to Spotify where you can find the whole album. It is also Available in Youtube Music, Google Play, Deezer & More